About Sheiko

Sheiko programs need no introduction to those familiar with picking up heavy things.

For those unfamiliar, these strength training methods apply to all skill levels and consistently produce the strongest athletes in the world. Sheiko’s athletes have won more European and World Championships than athletes under any other coach — by a very significant margin. As of 2019, the medal count for his athletes stood at 117 gold, silver, and bronze medals.

In today’s weight training world, there are countless ideas and theories about what works and what doesn’t work. Some of these are even tested and validated in research labs. But very few pass the ultimate validation of bringing home medals from competitions with the world’s best. In the jungle of competing theories about what is best, Sheiko’s system has emerged as the clear leader of the pack. Your search for what you should be doing has ended. You have arrived at your destination.

About Sheiko Gold

Competition season training is classic Sheiko. Prep 1 is based on training given to lower-level athletes and Prep 2 is based on training for high-level athletes. Intermediate-level athletes may divide their time between Prep 1 and Prep 2 during the competition season.

Off-season training programs were written by Robert Frederick. Sheiko does not personally use off-season plans as there is no off-season for a professional powerlifter. However, recreational athletes may find them a useful addition to the training arsenal.

  • Undefeated at World and European team championships during this time
  • Prepared 8 Honored Masters of Sports
  • Professor in powerlifting, author of more than 160 powerlifting articles and 16 books
MEDAL COUNTGoldSilverBronzeTotal
World Championships (1991-2019)
World Open218130
World Juniors426
World Games2114
World Bench Press Open612220
World Bench Press Juniors415
European Championships (1998-2019)
European Open103114
European Juniors6129
European Bench Press Open11314
Asian Championships73212