This program is four days per week and is very similar to a Sheiko program. If you like this one I strongly recommend you try the real thing from the man himself.

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Who is this for?

This program is designed for experienced men and women who have already gone through at least one cycle of Phase III.


You’ll test your maxes in Week 1. So before you run this program make sure you’re starting it ready to go.

Once your maxes have been established you’ll spend the next five weeks cycling through small, medium, and large load training days. These are designed to push you beyond your limits and then pull back to allow you to recover. You’ll find this program hard, yet manageable.

Your weekly load will similarly cycle up and down. Weekly load increases over the course of this program in a zig-zag pattern. One week will push you a little further and the following week will pull back a little to give you a slight break.


You should pair this program with low-intensity steady state cardio, which you can do on non-weight training days.


Finish off your cardio days with some stretching. Did you know that stretching a muscle can trigger hypertrophy? It’s true. So don’t skip this if you’re truly looking to maximize your development.


The first time you encounter a new exercise you have not previously done, the app will assign an estimated working weight. Use the following procedure to correctly calibrate the weights for future workouts.

  1. Scan through your assigned weights.
  2. Locate the first set with the heaviest weight
  3. That set is your first “workset”.
  4. The target reps in reserve (RIR) for all your worksets is 4-1 RIR.
  5. Adjust the weight of your sets as needed by either adding or subtracting weight, so that your heaviest sets fall in this RIR range.
  6. Example: your assigned top set is 85 for 5 reps. The most you’ve ever done is 75 for 5 reps. So adjust your weight down to 70 so you can hit 5 reps with just a little effort to spare.

Program Conclusion

After finishing your first run through the program restart it and run your max tests in Week 1.  At the conclusion of Week 1, you can make any needed modifications to Weeks 2-6 at that point. For example, you may determine that you need a little more work getting the barbell off your chest in the bench press. You can, therefore, add a few more days with paused benches to Weeks 2-6.

Keep stuff that works and drop stuff that doesn’t.

Enjoy, and get Strongur!