The Insight You Need

Workout Analytics

Use advanced workout analytics to track and manage your training effort.

Simple Interface

Create a personalized workout with a single button-click and then take advantage of powerful tools to get the most out of your training effort.

Flexible Workouts

Change any workout variable (sets, reps, weight, units, reps in reserve, or rest) and add or delete various types of exercises.

Exercise Library

Select from 1000+ exercises, w/instructional videos, all organized by tags so you can easily find what you need.

Workout Notes

Easily add additional notes to your workouts you can view later.

Exercise History

See past personal records for a specified exercise as well as all related exercises that target the same primary muscle group.

Stay Healthy

View your loading profile from acute and chronic points of view. Keep your training stress balance in the optimal zone for best results.

History Analysis

Quickly spot opportunities for additional progress as well as neglected areas that need your effort and attention.

Workout Analytics

Optimize your training. If you can track it, you can manage it.

  • I've used a variety of different lift programming apps and Strongur is easily the best available. Automatic progression and variable programming depending on recent performances, integrated technique analysis, and a huge variety of programs all add up to hold this app well above the rest. Robert is also quick to respond with technical support and fitness advice.

    CARL RUST App Store Review
  • The closest you can come to having a personal strength coach. The level I-V training program is the true gold "hidden" in this app. It learns from the athlete, making adjustments to the program to fit their individual needs. Trust the science behind the program, forget everything that fitness magazines and websites have been feeding you, and you can not help but make progress. Buy the packages, help the dev continue to improve this awesome app. The improvements to this app that have been made since I first started using this app are incredible. The developer has responded quickly to all feedback and questions with answers or solutions that always solve my issue.

    HANS B. App Store Review


Find & Fix

Eliminate Weakness

The Smart Coach indicates the bench press is the lagging lift. However, examination of overall strength balance shows back pulls are also weak, but not the deadlift. This suggests the lifter might be losing upper back tightness during the bench press. 

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