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Robert Frederick

Robert is a bit old school in that he's really not into self-promotion. If you really badger him about it, he'll reluctantly tell you that he attended UC Berkeley on a full scholarship after getting one of the highest scores in the country on the American Chemical Society exam. While there, he worked on modifying K+ channels to become photoswitchable.

Fast forward a few years and he took up weight training (guys who spend 16 hours a day in the lab usually look like they don't get out much). Always the scientist, he approached weight training from the perspective of making observations, testing, and eliminating training theories that didn't hold up. Rapid progress followed and despite a car accident that impeded lower body lifts, he milked respectable gains as a Bench Bro (175kg at 76kg BW). After working with famed powerlifting coach Boris Sheiko for a few years, he took up the challenge of doing strength training for a national sprint cycling team. That quickly lead to eight national records broken, 4 gold medals, and 2 bronze medals at international competitions. That success has paved the way for their entry into the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. See you there!

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